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Well is there such a thing as FREE website?

Yes, of course its called you. For the enthusiast you may be able to repair the odd problem, but when it comes to running a business with employees you need to invest in your business by getting a good web company. As a business owner your time will be taken up with running your company, so when you do get an issue with your website or you need to redesign it or fix it if it gets hacked who do you turn to?

Most people would look to someone they know or get a recommendation. There are so many web companies in the market place today it can be confusing. You should look for a company with a proven track record. That’s been around a few years. Someone who you can trust.

Look to a company that offers more than just basic web design. Companies that offer professional grade hosting solutions and automated backup procedures can get you up and running again in no time if you have an emergency. Ask if they can do bespoke programming or build a shopping site or ecommerce site.

And finally

Get an audit of your existing website and SEO and let us get your business moving in the right direction. Choose to pay-as-you go, or why not opt for a support contract- for priority service, and above all well explain everything in plain English, not boring tech waffle.

Contact FOXCREATIVE for a FREE web audit and find out how we can help you.

Or Call 01484 885606 and we can meet up for a chat and a coffee with no high pressure salesman.

steel fabricators

When might you need the services of a specialist Steel fabricator or stainless steel fabricator?

Well as these are highly specialised and skilled manufacturers its likely you are in an industrial environment, such as a manufacturing company.

Perhaps needing some storage tanks or hoppers for storing chemicals whether it be for pharmaceutical industry, chemical or other industry, there is a huge need for this type of equipment.

It is often necessary to have these large items made to measure for your factory’s sites and needs. They can tailor the finished product to fit your sites dimensions and requirements and will often have extensive experience in this area of steel fabrication.

The fabricators will have access to CAD drawing software and can help and advise if you need this type of service. Look for companies with British & ISO Standards as this proves they are suitable and competent for this type of fabrication.


You can read more about steel fabricators here.

Choose a firm that will likewise have the actual re-work, re also vamp or even vintage suit of all the previously mentioned goods which they make.

How to find the best steel fabricator in your area

Buying steel tanks and vessels for storage purposes for use in medical and foods industry as well as other sectors will involve some research into finding a proficient as well as trustworthy firm.

How do you find the best steel fabricators leeds?

You should look to employ a company that have high standards and conform to BS standards, producing premium quality, economical metallic fabrications without compromising on the finished product.

Choose a firm that offer designs using  AutoCAD 2d or even Stru CAD 3d modelling computer software to make detailed images for you to check before manufacture.

steel tank

The steel fabricators can build steel tanks to your specific pattern requirements. Other important factors will include having the power to get them to check onsite to go over your particular needs.

They should be keen to offer a simple as well as affordability solution that will fulfill your exact requirements on time and on budget. The actual use for steel tanks and vessels will tend to be primarily for the chemical, medical as well as foods finalizing sectors though are also used in a number of other sectors as well. The truth is that they may be used from solvents to fruit juices might be saved within these specifically designed and created metallic tanks.

Make sure you get assurances that the solution they provide is suited to your requirements. Metallic tanks might be manufactured in different styles as well as alternatives to match your business’s wants. The specific specifications need to be outlined in depth if preferred the majority of fabricators can figure through your programs as soon as they’ve been accredited. On the whole steel tanks & vessels do not usually conform to some sort of unique form sometimes straight side to side rectangular or even supplement. Because they tend to be unique the actual tanks might be created with various sizes through 50 Litres to 20, 000 Litres in steel, aluminium, lightweight or even mild steel. Unique tanks are made to complement the shopper’s desire as well as normal water tanks, Processing tanks mixing tanks and storage space tanks Silos Steel filtration systems.


Installation of the fabricated tank can normally be completed using the minimum amount trouble. If they use Safe practices then you can be confident that all will go smoothly.

To read more on this subject check out http://www.nandjsteelfabrications.co.uk/

Looking for independent financial advice in Bradford can be a night mare these days.

Looking for independent financial advice in Bradford can be a night mare these days.

Do you go with one of the big  firms or a company that comes locally  recommended. How do you know the advice is independent and reliable?

One of things you should look for is a company with a good ethical approach and is upto date with the current legislation.

Looking for a local financial services company will often mean a more friendly personal service, where they can come out to you at a time to suit you. For most of us that means evenings. Mac FS specilise in the Brighouse Huddersfield and Bradford area

see for more info t on their local services http://www.mac-fs.co.uk

Look for a company that talks to you in a way you understand, and will give you clear unbiased information based on your personal circumstances.

pension advise

They should ideally be well placed to offer advice on mortgages, pensions and savings and investments, and should be able to review all your information and work closely with you to ensure the best returns on your investment. Looking for a local firm for example in  Huddersfield independent pension would get you some valuable locally advice that can get you in a better financial position as they are the expert in their local area.

Types of services offered will range from pensions, mortgage or homeowner loans, investment plans and insurance.

It is always better to get these reviewed at least once a year as financial markets are fairly changeable. This will ensure that you are looking after yours and your family’s long term future. And remember its never too late to start planning.

See this post for info


How to get the best steel tanks and vessels fabricated

… and what to look for in a fabricator


Getting steel tanks and vessels fabricated in stainless steel for pharmaceuticals and food processing and other storage facilities requires some research into finding a competent and reliable company.

You need to find a company that prides itself  in producing high quality, cost effective steel fabrications. Look for a company that propose solutions in steel fabrications working from AutoCAD 2D or Stru CAD 3D modelling software  to produce detailed drawings. Their fabricators can then construct products to the exact design detail.

Other essential factors involve having the ability to visit onsite to discuss your requirements and needs, as well as completing a site survey and providing a design to suit your needs. They should be keen to provide a simple and value for money product, which will fulfil your needs.

The bespoke manufacture of custom storage tanks are mainly used for the chemical, pharmaceuticals and food processing industries although are also used in many other industries. Solvents in fact any kind of liquid can be stored in fabricated steel tanks and vessels.

Make sure you get a guarantee that the product will be made and conform with customer specification and finished for your requirements by the fabricators.

Different shape, capacity and material of content, steel  tanks & vessels can be manufactured in various designs and options to suit your company’s needs. Your exact requirements should be discussed in detail and if preferred most fabricators can work from your plans once they have been approved.

In general bespoke  tanks & vessels do not  tend to conform to a one of a kind shape either vertical horizontal rectangular or capsule. Although this varies widely see a sample below.

As they are bespoke the tanks can be created with varying capacities from 50 Litres to 20,000 Litres in stainless steel, aluminium or  mild steel.

Bespoke tanks and vessels made to match customers desire including Water tanks, Holding tanks Mixing vessels Storage tanks Silos Steel filters.

Installationsteel tanks manufactured in Bradford

Installation of our manufactured products is carried out using the minimum disruption to other site activities by our knowledgeable installation teams . Planning the relevant Health and Safety legislation prior to the installation is our priorty.


Whether it be  aluminum structure, mezzanine floor, storage vessels or Staircases to name a few all are installed to fit your needs with full site surveys, drawings and programmed works supplied for approval

Our expert teams are on hand to ensure you get exactly what is required in a safe and efficient way

N & J Fabs also provide the re-work, re vamp or retro fit of all the above products we manufacture.

Do you want …….?

To increase building capacity without moving premises
To deal one to one with manufacture and not a middle man
To have a value for money product every time
To be able to rely and have confidence with your supplier
To have second to none back up and after sales
To be able to talk to someone when you want to – not just between 9am – 5pm
To be involved with a company that thinks outside the box

If the answer is YES to any of the above questions then

Visit our website www.nandjsteelfabrications.co.uk

All installations include a full Method statement and risk assessment which include the relevant certification for the teams installing the Steel structure, mezzanine floors, Pallet Racking or Battery Management Systems to name a few from PAT Testing to harness and sling certification.


You can read more here 



FREE IT support.

Well is there such a thing as FREE IT support ? Yes, of course its called you. For the enthusiast you may be able to repair the odd problem, but when it comes to running a business with employees you need to invest in your IT structure by getting a good IT company. As a business owner your time will be taken up with running your company, so when you do get an issue with your IT, or you need to move office who do you turn to?

Most people would look to someone they know or get a recommendation. There could be a lot of sensitive information on your office pcs and servers depending on the size of your company so trust is essential.

Look to a company that offers more than just basic IT repairs. Companies that offer professional grade antivirus solutions and automated backup procedures can get you up and running again in no time if you have an emergency.

All companies should have as a minimal

A backup solution for each pc or server done daily or weekly. This will save hours and hours of lost time, and its surprising how often hardrives fail these days, so don’t skimp on your backup system.

The right IT company can offer you a good solution for your business which can scale up depending on how much space you need.


I cant emphasise enough the importance of a high quality antivirus. All it takes is one click on the wrong email- for an unprotected system, and you could loose all the contents on your pc, or at the very least have more productive hours lost while the machine is fixed.

Avoiding this scenario is essential to smooth working of your business.

Surge protector.

Surges or increases in electricity can burn out pcs in no time.


And finally

Get an audit of your PCs and servers at the start of any new IT contract and get them to explain it in plain  English.

Contact http://www.foxcom.co.uk  for a FREE audit and find out how they can help you

IT support North West

How to get the right IT support for your business

IT support Technician working

IT support is essential to modern day business, but how do you find the right one for your business? Do you have specific software that you use on a daily basis? Do you need 24/7 support. How many pcs and servers do you have? What are your plans for growth, moving office? These are all questions that you should consider when you start your search for a reliable IT company.

It is always best to look for a company that uses Microsoft Certified engineers as they will have been trained to correctly diagnose your system and errors in a certain way. If possible get references, but above all arrange to meet face to face as these are the people you will entrust the welfare of your computers systems and need to be trustworthy, reliable and honest. Don’t get pushed into a scenario that encourages you to upgrade hardware whenever there is a fault that cant be quickly fixed. More often than not it just requires a different perspective.

More recently The Cloud is offering users the potential to spend less on hardware and electricity, go green, and be able to have employees either in various locations or working from home. The Cloud offers users the options of accessing their software and sharing relevant information within their company far easier than using standard VPN.

Looking for a progressive and forward thinking IT company is essential if you want your business to stay at the forefront of technology and ultimately the best return for your business.