Final Fantasy VII FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation

Final Fantasy VII FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation

If you have any questions about the game, or need help, leave a comment at the end of the page! Small Forest Zone 1 Overview: The Small Forest is mainly a tutorial level, but I will recap some of the important events in this area and list some of the items that you can collect from the monsters present here. Additionally, all of the levels are randomly generated to some degree, but we can still find a basic skeleton for each zone that is common for each player. When you first arrive at the Small Forest, you see your own impact crater, from when you land in this world. If you wonder around the forest a bit, you are bound to come across a couple of Earth Slimes. Of course, these simple monsters are very weak and can only deal between , give-or-take, damage per hit. Your basic attack will knock them down a few health points, but your Fire Attack spell will instantly kill them.

Hidden Expedition: The Altar of Lies Walkthrough, Guide, & Tips

Please don’t ask, because I will not grant permission. It’s just that too many sites don’t keep their version of my FAQ up to date which makes for a lot of hassle in my mailbox. So if anyone sees this FAQ on any site other than those mentioned above, please let me know and I will take care of the situation, thanks. Otherwise read on to find whatever help you need for this really bad game.

Through the File menu in the top left corner you can view the credits of the game, restart the game at the beginning, or quit the game. You should also know that you can quit the game at any time by hitting the Esc key.

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This page contains the choices in The Senior and their outcomes.. This game revolves around choices you make. They can improve or decrease relationships with the characters. This walkthrough is made to assist others in helping them make their right choice for the game.

Apparently, the wrestling champion Super Burro was framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Now your job is to find out who was the real culprit and clear his name. Moving forward to the walkthrough, below are some written guide. Get the camera out of the filing cabinet then head to the museum. Go outside the museum and get mints from the vendor then put them into the professor’s lunch bowl. However, he will only eat at 12 o clock so you will have to sound the clock by connecting them up which can be done in the plaza — there is a panel on the ground in which you have to connect the wires.

Talk to the vendor and she will give you the location of the secret agent on the hill. Take the newspapers from her stand. Talk to the dino and he will give you a brochure. Get the glow in the dark dinosaur toy from the gift stall then give it to the FBI agent and it will fall apart.

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A character has made his appearance at the pier! Roxxy, Becca, Missy and Dexter new dialogues. Kim is plotting his dominion at the Car Dealership. The game now saves automatically on location changes. You can now track your progress with meaningless achievements that will be logged in your phone. You can check the progress with major characters with the cellphone goal tracker.

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Each of the 37 crystals was smashed to 7 pieces. Your objective is to put together the crystals by moving and rotating the pieces and attaching them to each other. You have sketches that may help you to restore the crystals. You don”t need to start each time from the scratch; you can save the current game and continue playing when you have the time and mood to solve the puzzles.

Final Fantasy XII FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 by Berserker

Entry posted in: It can be played online on his site but, just like with the original predecessor, it is preferred to download, unzip and play offline. Some information about the game can be found at my blog entry:

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Harry Quantum 2 walkthrough and PIP locations

This is an Interactive Hidden Object Game. Choose Profiles, click on a slot; type in your player name, click create and then click on apply. Your cursor will change depending on what actions you can do.

Note: Chrome users may have to play online version! Why? Click here. Brazilian Portuguese version. Mega link: 4shared version: French version (mega).

Who the hell does that? Terry May have to talk event and return next day Cpt. Terry [Retire] Go fishing use Golden Lure to capture the ugly fish. Terry the fish – Go to Lair Mrs. Bisette to talk about the private tutoring, you will recieve mission to get Dictionary You must go to Library and talk to Librarian then she will tell you to check bookshelf. Click on the French Dictionary on the bookshelf.

Fireboy & Watergirl 2: The Light Temple

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Under the “Player Name” section is a “Cheats” section.

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The land of Ivalice. The city of Dalmasca. In the midst of the happy occasion of Lady Ashe of the Kingdom of Dalmasca and Lord Rasler of the Kindgom of Nabradia’s wedding, Nabudis, the capital of Nabradia, falls to the Archadian empire in their quest for dominance. Lord Rasler falls in combat and is mortally wounded. Rasler is carried back to Dalmasca and laid to rest along with the hope of the surrounding region. King Raminas gives in to the demands of the Archadian army and travels to Nalbina to sign a treaty.

And so a brand new chapter of Final Fantasy opens as you take control of a young soldier named Reks, and move onward to a group of freedom fighters that will help to decide the fate of Dalmasca and of the Archadian empire itself. A story full of power-hungry betrayal, tragedy, honor, and revenge is about to revolve around a princess that has lost her kingdom but is still trying to find the means to restore it. What aid will she seek to satisfy her goals?

Does she only fight for revenge? Will she be content with her decision? All those questions will be answered as she journies the world of Ivalice with her newfound companions.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Video Walkthrough

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