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When the members catch you dating (You x EXO

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EXO Next Door (Hangul: 우리 옆집에 엑소가 산다; RR: Uri Yeobjibe Eksoga Sanda; lit. “Exo Lives Next Door to My House”) is a South Korean web series starring Moon Ga-young and members of the K-pop boy band EXO (with the latter playing fictionalized versions of themselves).

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A Brave New World(Star Wars/Earth crossover)

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EXO-L (EXO‘s fanclub) was accused of swearing at Girl’s Day Sojin at the Gaon Chart Awards for dating rumours with EXO member D.O. On top of that, EXO L was further accused for using other concerts and events as ways to check their ticket buying accounts were still working.

JB can be very protective but in a good way. He’s sweet and caring yet charismatic. He will melt your hurt with his masculine personality and also make you the happiest wife with sweet serenades. You will also captivate JB with your overflowing cute charms. You two will be the perfect match! With his great sense of humor and outgoing personality, Jackson will always put a big smile on your face.

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You’ll also fall deeply for the idol who can easily go from cute to sexy.

EXO Beats Out BTS In Latest Kpop Popularity Ranking

Rumours about Mia dating someone was an on going thing. There was always some article with attached photos of her hugging another guy or even talk to somebody. Sometimes they would go so low as putting her with other group members, when they were hugging, during concert or some public appearance. No matter how annoying it was, the rumours never went away. It was obvious thing, that they had to practise together to make everything look good and well done.

Which EXO member is dating F(x)’s Krystal Jung? Which EXO member got threatened by a crush’s boyfriend in their trainee days? Who wore hot pink underwear during a concert and had another member .

IU receives Top 10 of the year award 7. Heize receives Top 10 of the year award 7. GFriend sets the stage on fire with Love Whisper 7. GFriend on stage with Summer Rain 7. MeloMance bags Best Indie award 7. EXO receives Top 10 of the year award 7. BTS receives Top 10 of the year award 7.

Dating rumor exo. Rumors of D.O. leaving EXO resurface

Advertisement “Roleplay” highlights the typical scenarios between idols and sasaeng fans. Aside from narrating his own experience with them, Luhan also delivered a strong message to these followers through the song Koreaboo. The song contains the following lyrics:

Watch Exo reaction to another member dating their little sister? GIF on Gfycat. Discover more exo GIFs, exo gif reaction GIFs, exo gif reactions GIFs, exo imagine GIFs, exo imagines GIFs, exo reaction GIFs, exo reactions GIFs, exo scenario GIFs, exo scenarios GIFs on Gfycat.

EXO might see another member leave after his career starts taking off. They are all part of the Hallyu wave and a big part of the growing tourism around the country. In extreme cases, the more popular members tend to leave the group in order to build their own name. Another Member Says Goodbye? Now there are speculations that member D. Usually, when this happens, the star that was left behind is facing a dating scandal or group problems.

10 Kpop Couples Who Are Confirmed Dating In

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EXO Kai And F(x) Krystal Are Dating ” New Couple”

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