vintage feedsack dress tutorial (and free 2/3T pattern!)

vintage feedsack dress tutorial (and free 2/3T pattern!)

Hello, I purchased a quilt top was told the only thing she knew was it was from Nebraska. I wonder if someone could look at the Sun Bonnet Sue blocks and give me an idea of when maybe the fabric was produced??? I am restoring the quilt and would like to be able to pass on as much information as I can because I will be giving it away I have attached some photos only a few as I have 21 and also the triangles for the border of the quilt. Thanks for any help My reasoning is that I inherited fabrics that were my Aunt’s and they look a lot like yours. Those blocks are precious! Whatever you call the blocks they are just lovely! I see two fabrics that are ‘s, don’t know about the others. I hope we get to see it when you have put it all together.

Heartland Treasures

This was not an ideal method of storage as tin would rust and the hand made boxes and barrels leaked and were damaged easily. They were bulky, heavy and difficult to transport. This changed in with the invention of the “stitching machine,” which made it possible to sew double locking seams strong enough to hold the contents of a bag. Feedbacks were initially made of heavy canvas, and were used to obtain flour, sugar, meal, grain, salt and feed from the mills.

They were reusable, with the farmer bringing an empty sack stamped with his mark or brand to the mill to be filled. This changed when the North East mills began weaving inexpensive cotton fabric in the late ‘s.

Grandmas House: Sewing and needlecraft patterns and books, hot iron transfers, vintage handkerchiefs, aprons, and linens, fabrics, feedsacks, fabric craft panels, .

Burlington, Vermont, Ships to: This sack measures approximately: Dog beds, blinds, curtains, beach bags!!! The average age of these textiles is years and they were naturally home grown, home retted in local lakes and ponds and woven by hand. These textiles are being re-cycled today and showing off the extreme craftsmanship of past generations! Yet another feature that makes these textiles extremely eco-friendly is their durability.

I wash them on a regular warm cycle and then hang to dry however you can tumble dry too! I am a very friendly ebayer and simply determined to bring beautiful textiles to the world! I take a great deal of care and pride in describing each textile very accurately. I also use many photographs to show the textiles also as I feel it is very important to see the exact condition, colors, texture, size etc of each textile. If ever you feel that I have missed anything, please contact me immediately as it would have been an oversight, never an intentional omission!

I politely request that all items be paid for within 7 days. The individual condition will be described to the best of my ability however, often flaws are inherent in vintage and antique textiles. Please email me if condition is vital to your purchase and we can discuss condition in detail.

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My adventures in Quilting and Gardening Quilt Buyer Beware For those of you who like to buy quilts at on-line auctions I thought I would give a bit of advice. There are many quilts out there that are reproduction quilts. There is nothing wrong with a reproduction quilt as long as the buyer knows that is what they are buying. They are machine pieced and hand quilted. If you are looking for a quilt for every day use these quilts are a good option.

If you are looking to buy a quilt for vintage or antique value pass on reproductions.

Sandy’s Bread ‘n Butter collection is comprised of the wonderful vintage, feedsack-looking prints and colors that are her signature.

It was first published in the 20s but not always under the name Dresden Plate. The s version is usually easy to date because of the typical floral prints of the period. Some were made with prettily patterned feedsacks while a few were done with solid prints. Usually they radiate from a central circle which is more representative of a flower than a plate thus the flower names seen for this pattern. A few Dresden Plate quilt blocks are made with a smooth outer circle as seen to the right.

More often the ends of the “petals” are be rounded or pointed like the illustration below. Occasionally the pointed and curved forms are combined. You will see an example of that in the pattern I’ve designed. Dresden, Germany was a center of 19th century romanticism movement in art, one that included the fine decoration of porcelain. The plates were embellished with elaborate design using flowers, fruits and foliage.

The beautiful plates would surely have been admired by women of the early 20th century.

Vintage May: feedsack Geranium with peter pan collar

Antique Quilts , Fabric Study , hand quilting , One Patch Quilts , quilt collections , reproduction fabrics , vintage fabrics Diamond Quilt One patch quilts have been a mainstay of quilters since people picked up needles, thread and scraps of fabric. Squares, triangles and diamonds or more complex shapes such as hexagons and clamshells have been used time and time again to create sophisticated designs.

One patch quilts can follow a formal layout of scraps and colours or can be randomly pieced out of the scrap basket.

Feedsacks, vintage and antique cotton fabric, rayons, upholstery and drapery fabric, and finished items including antique quilts and quilt tops and patches, vintage kitchen towels and vintage tablecloths, linens, vintage aprons, and much more.

Many jazz bands were lead by a band leader: Bluegrass and Country Music: Very popular during this era, though only in the USA. Delta Blues music was very prominent in the USA, with Robert Johnson as the most iconic example, but would only get extraordinarily popular in the s. Just like the s jazz was still enormously popular worldwide. It got a bigger explosion when swing came around to cut the rug. Many of Hollywood’s films tended to be musical and upbeat, because it wasn’t called “The Great Depression” for nothing, people needed to be cheered up.

Because of this, the motion picture industry was one of a small few disposal income industries that not only survived but thrived in the Great Depression. The introduction of the B-Movie and the double feature was also crucial to righting the ship. Perpetual Poverty – subversion.

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Scout July 13, Comments After the seven hour Interstate drive the previous day, I woke up Saturday dreading the thought of hitting the bland four-lane pavement for another long haul. Well, we had no choice. Our plan was to meet up with Route 50 at the Indiana border, so we sucked it up and bolted across Ohio in about 4 hours or so. About the only thing of note:

All you need for this DIY bag is a feed sack and a fat quarter of fabric. If you& looking for recycled craft ideas, you& love this simple bag. Find this Pin and more .

This summer has been much busier than I originally intended. Which means I did a lot of awesome things but not as much sewing as I wanted. School starts back in a few weeks, which may slow down the sewing but improve the blogging. I mentioned a while ago that I had gotten some amazing fabric for cheap at a local thrift store. Now you finally get to see some of it. As you can clearly see from the oxfords this was designed to appeal to the young bobby soxer, a term that started to circulate in the early s.

Perhaps even the beginner sewer who was trying to prepare her wardrobe for her college days. There is an ebay guide to helping date Simplicity patterns that match up with my guessed dating. The closest I could get was the jacket and the skirt together, which for the pattern size the too small one required about 3. But being the daring and adventurous person that I am, I decided, what the heck.

As I cut, I added 0.

Vintage Fabric Swap

Sharon lives in southeastern Pennsylvania and has been collecting and selling feedsacks for more than 11 years. How did you get started collecting and selling feedsacks? The feedsack business resulted from a number of coincidences. First, my husband and I have been into antiques for years, both separately and together. When we got together, he had a used bookstore and I operated a stand selling general antiques at a local antique market.

We started selling on eBay in late , as the internet began to make big changes in the marketplace.

Jul 02,  · Kent’s Cloth of the United Nations – Original ‘s WWII US Propaganda Feedsack Material Posted by Stretch at PM. No comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Blog Archive (56) Dating Vintage Red Wing Boots.

Who is rocsi dating color dating fabric guide rain dating jeon ji hyun Whether displayed on the walls of a museum or employed for their original purpose, Tennessee quilts embody the spirit and values of the Volunteer State better than any other tangible object. Traditionally, society entrusted the care and keeping of the domestic realm to women. Housework, child-rearing, cooking, and tending the sick each necessitated the implementation—and often the creation—of certain tools to achieve these duties.

Beautiful utilitarian textiles from around the world, made by traditional linking, looping, knotting, and wrapping techniques. In Feedsack Secrets, quilt historian Gloria Nixon shares her research through tens of thousands of pages of old farm periodicals, magazines and newspapers as she explains the story of the patterned feedsack. There are fascinating tidbits along the way: Women met for sack-and-snack-club fabric swaps.

Carrie Hall, an early 20th-century Kansas quiltmaker, set out to preserve America’s quiltmaking heritage by collecting every known patchwork pattern and piecing one cloth block for every pattern. Made between 19 and now housed in the Spencer Museum at the University of Kansas, these blocks are a rich source of information for quilters, quilt historians, and quilt collectors.

A History of Cloth and Comfort This re-issued and updated book is a celebration of the quilt which features more than full-color photographs and a text that shows readers how to examine fabrics, dyes, patterns, and other clues in order to place quilts in their social and cultural context.

GRAINSACK VINTAGE HEMP linen grain sack red blue heavy rustic primitive

This time I went through the pile of quilts and tops in her shop, and asked what else was she hiding. It was a 35″ baby quilt in a Lone Star pattern, worn, soft, and sweet as could be. Oh, it was going home with me! I asked as many questions as I could about where this quilt was from, who she got it from, etc. Dating and placing a quilt where it was made or used are one of the most interesting parts of quilt hunting for me.

Feb 24,  · Kitchen Collectibles Galore At The Tomato Factory in Hopewell, New Jersey I think I may have found the haven for the best collection of vintage kitchenware : C. Dianne Zweig – Kitsch ‘n Stuff.

Feedsack Fabric I love where I live. It’s really beautiful here, just east of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We are about 15 miles from the closest big town, Waynesboro, and about 30 miles from Charlottesville. Sometimes I get tired of driving, but then I look at those mountains! Okay, why am I telling you this? Because, being out here means that I don’t have access to high speed internet service.

I do have something called cellular broadband which uses a modem to access a signal from a cell phone tower. Usually, this works pretty well.

Feedsack Fabric

Fickle Friday – I haven’t been able to focus on one thing this week. They are from Lancaster Co. Here’s a label for your Yankee Diary quilt from

GRAINSACK VINTAGE HEMP linen grain sack red blue heavy rustic primitive – $ ~*~Hello and thank you for looking~*~ This lovely hand woven grainsack from Europe dates from the late ‘s ~ ~A lovely thick, heavy sack with super nubby surface! the tone is a warm, darker natural toned ground and the stripes are variations in reds/ orange and blue~ *~~ a wonderful textile.

The realization that indigestible seeds could be ground into nourishing dust steered the history and fate of man in a new direction. Without the invention of the grinding stone there would be no bread or buns, no pasta or pizza, no cakes or couscous. Probably there would be fewer people on our planet. Certainly there would be no civilization as we know it.

And the wheel, originally an aid to agriculture, would presumably never have been invented. Flour has become the daily food of millions. But we would be wrong to take it for granted. The history of flour is one of brilliant innovation and growing prosperity, but also of famine and hardship. Cereals, flour and bread are inseparably bound up with human civilization: They left behind primitive sickles with flint blades: It may have been this culture that started burying some of the grains in the ground again during a temporary deterioration of the climate.

The advent of agriculture changed the lives of the people.

Children, crib and doll quilt history,

It was a really large piece of true vintage fabric I discovered when I was browsing the internet some months ago. In fact, it was a 10 yard piece I shared among some fellow sewing ladies. The most amazing quality, kind of cotton percale, clean, no stains, no damages. But around 70 years old.

I used layers of pale, delicate pink tulle and creamy, supple ivory chiffon to fulfill my fanciful vision of a ruffled layer cake in fabric form. And here it is! I was inspired by the spirit of Le Fou to paint on some whimsical makeup and brush on feather lashes.

Illustrated by Dominique M. Weekly Reader Children’s Book Club edition. It embarassed him so he’d cover it with his hand when he talked to people. He may have been known as Scar. He was an orphan, I think. They might have lived down there as well. This place had a king and I think he had bright red hair. At one point in the story, he and a girl passed through fire and become regal.

The two books I had were thin and hardbound with dustcovers. One of the books sans dustcover was purple and the other was blue. The dustcover had illustrations on the front. The books themselves were richly illustrated.

The History of Decorative Feed Sacks; Quilts and Fashion

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